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Keep the Village Green
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Protect our Green Spaces.
Our mission is to preserve and protect recreational opportunities and open space in Woodridge.

The taxpayers of Woodridge voted via referendum to purchase Village Greens of Woodridge for the purpose of recreation, open space, and flood control for the benefit of Woodridge residents.  

Today, the Village of Woodridge is considering the redevelopment of Village Greens of Woodridge into commercial property, eliminating 121 acres of open space and a profitable, viable golf facility utilized by over 45,000 people each year. 

keepthevillagegreen@gmail.com Woodridge, IL 60517

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Village Board reaches consensus to enter into a long-term agreement with the Woodridge Park District to operate and (most importantly) maintain Village Greens of Woodridge as open space in the form of
 an 18-hole golf course for decades to come!

Thank you to our elected officials from the Village of Woodridge and Woodridge Park District for having the vision to maintain the course in everyone's best interest, and for listening to the voice of the people. 

Most importantly, thanks to YOU, the hundreds of Keep the Village Green supporters for speaking up, speaking loud, getting involved, and exercising your civic rights. 

​ Our Mission: